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Welcome to SAC Consulting's Agrecalc

Agrecalc is a carbon footprint tool designed to identify the main sources of carbon emissions, allow sustainable improvements to be monitored and benchmark key performance indicators using our extensive farm database.

“Our mission is to deliver advanced environmental services that accurately measure the carbon footprint of production and offer tailored mitigation solutions for agribusinesses and consumers.”

Why choose Agrecalc?

- Combines the world-class standard research of SRUC with the practical on-farm expertise of SAC consultants.

- Conforms to IPCC Tier I and Tier II calculations for all livestock types & PAS 2050:11 supply chain standards.

- Calculates whole farm emissions, emissions by enterprise and on a product basis.

- Captures forestry carbon sequestration and renewable energy production.

- Covers the full range of UK agricultural enterprises: Beef, sheep, dairy, pigs, poultry meat, laying hens, cereals, pulses, vegetables, potatoes, forage and soft fruit.

- Currently trusted by over 2,000 enterprises across the supply chain and supported by governmental programmes.


Soon launching our brand new website with extended features available. Stay tuned!


Login or register to calculate the resource use efficiency of a farm, compare results year-on-year or to benchmarks, assess different scenarios and find out what areas need further attention in terms of emission mitigation.

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